how to install wordpress on cpanel

how to install wordpress on cpanel
how to install wordpress on cpanel

As you're most likely aware, most honorable hosting suppliers currently embrace machine-controlled WordPress install tools like magic, Softaculous, etc. These installers work nice in several cases, however, typically stuff your web site jam-packed with unwanted plugins and themes. additionally, these machine-controlled tools have a name for temporal order out or being fully untouchable occasionally, which may be frustrating if you’re on a point.

Let's get started, what do we do?

Step 1:

Download the latest version of WordPress at any place of your choice on

Download WordPress
Download WordPress 

Step 2:

Upload and extract the WordPress .ZIP file to your preferred installation directory.

Ok, so I'm assuming at this point that you already have a hosting provider using cPanel and you've already created an add-on domain or subdirectory.

In the file manager, locate and navigate to that directory. From the toolbar above cPanel, select "Upload" and browse for the downloaded file from your WordPress.rography. Once the .ZIP file is finished uploading, return to the directory by clicking on it.

You can now see the file in the directory root. Click on this file to select it, and then from the top panel toolbar, click "Extract". Then click "Reload" in the cPanel toolbar and you will see the extracted WordPress folder. You can now delete the .ZIP file to keep everything nice and clean.

Step 3:

Return the files from the WordPress folder to the directory directory.

Step 4:

Create a database and database user

how to install wordpress on cpanel
how to install wordpress on cpanel

Watch the video tutorial below…


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